IDSTower Comes in three different annual Licenses.

  • Standard

    The Standard License is a free self-supported version of IDSTower that have all of the essential features required to operate a single Suricata IDS Host, it is meant for companies or individuals who operate a single instance of Suricata and needs a better & easier way to run it.

    This License will help you as well explore IDSTower features and test it out before committing to buy, if you run multiple hosts of Suricata, you can get a Free 30-Day Trial Professional license.

    Click Here to Get Standard License Key needed to run IDSTower

  • Professional

    The Professional License allows you to Centrally Manage & Run as many Suricata Hosts as you wish in as many Clusters needed with all IDSTower features enabled.

    It is licensed per number of Hosts per year & offers Unlimited number of Clusters & Users.

    This License comes with email support and it is recommended for companies who are serious about utilizing the power of Suricata IDS to defend their networks. IDSTower true value will be more evident with setups that includes multiple Admins & Analysts operating several clusters with 10’s of Suricata Hosts with thousands of Rules.

    Click Here to Get a Free 30-Day Trial Professional License.

  • Enterprise

    The Enterprise License offers all what is included in the Professional license plus freatures normally required by Enterprises, currenly this includes:

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    Please Contact Us if you have any special requirements or needs.