Quick installation

Quick install

After obtaining the License Key, please use the our interactive installation script to quickly install IDSTower:

$ curl -O https://download.idstower.com/install_script/1.0.5/install-IDSTower.sh
$ echo "255683c95c51abf9cf41db2bc88617eab4c872797140731057907f1745598847 install-IDSTower.sh" \
 | sha256sum -c -
$ bash install-IDSTower.sh -i

Docker Image

You can also use the Docker image to run IDSTower:

$ docker run -p 80:80 -p 443:443 -e LicenseKey=<Key> -e Hosting__URL=http://idstower.company.local -e Database__Host=<database host> -e Database__Name=<database name> -e Database__Username=<database username> -e Database__Password=<database password> idstower/idstower:latest

For more information on how to run IDSTower using Docker, please refer to IDSTower Docker Hub Repository Page.

Manual install

Or you can also follow the appropriate installation guide depending on the Operating System you wish to install IDSTower on:

CentOS Stream:

Rocky Linux:



Amazon Linux:



Systems reached End-Of-Life (EOL):