Manage AWS Network Firewall IPS Rule via IDSTower

IDSTower AWS Connector

Use IDSTower best-in-class IDS Rules Management, Transformation & Updates features to manage your AWS Network Firewall IDS Rules, the AWS Connector will sync active Rules & IOCs to your AWS Regions as stateful rule groups that you can utilize in your AWS Firewall policies.

Rules Management, Transformation & Updates

Fully manage your AWS Network Firewall Suricata Rules via the amazing IDSTower IDS Rules Management UI.

Block Malicious IOCs

Push malicious indicators to your AWS Network Firewall to block attackers before they affect your Cloud Systems!

One Interface, Multiple Regions

Configure a single Export to push IDS Rules & IOCs to multiple AWS Regions at once.

indicators alerting settings

Full control on what is exported

The AWS Connector gives you full control on how the Stateful rules groups are created and what data to export.

Built-In Credentials Management

AWS Connector gives you an easy way to manage the AWS Credentials used for export.

Operates with minimum permissions

The AWS Connector require a very limited set of permission to operate, and will verify that the added credentials do indeed have them.

Syncs Data every 15 minutes!

Once you create your export, The AWS Connector will update the stateful rule groups it has created every 15 minutes, you can also trigger the update manually whenever your wish!

Handles incompatible Rules

The AWS Network Firewall dose not support the full features that Suricata rules offers, the AWS Connector will warn you if you are trying to export incompatible rules.

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