Upgrade Guide from v2.1.0 to v2.2.0

This guide explains how to upgrade from IDSTower v2.1.0 to v2.2.0, to upgrade please follow the below steps.

  1. Stop your IDSTower service

$ sudo systemctl stop idstower.service
  1. Take a full backup of your current IDSTower database

$ sudo mysqldump -u [DatabaseUsername] -p [DatabseName] > IDSTower_backup_`date +%F_%H_%M_%S`.sql
  1. Take a backup of your IDSTower directory (including settings)

$ sudo cp -Rp /opt/idstower /opt/idstower_2.1.0_backup_`date +%F_%H_%M_%S`
  1. Download the migration script:

$ sudo curl https://download.idstower.com/packages/2.2.0/sql_scripts/IDSTower_upgrade_database_schema_from_2.1.0_to_2.2.0.idempotent.sql --output idstower_schema_upgrade.sql
  1. Apply the database migration script

$ sudo mysql -u [DatabaseUsername] -p [DatabseName] < idstower_schema_upgrade.sql
  1. (CentOS/RHEL) Update IDSTower to Version 2.2.0.

$ sudo yum update idstower-2.2.0-1
  1. (Ubuntu) Update IDSTower to Version 2.2.0.

$ sudo apt install idstower=2.2.0-1
  1. start the IDSTower service.

$ sudo systemctl start idstower.service
  1. refresh your hosts config to push the latest heartbeat script by going to Cluster Name->Hosts Tab->Hosts Actions Menu->All Hosts->Host->Refresh Stale Config.

  2. done.