Rules Management

IDSTower Features Complete IDS Rules Life Cycle Management, starting from adding the rules to your cluster, auto-updating them, tunning them and finally expiring them.

Some of the main feature that IDSTower in Rules Management are:

  • importing rules from files or via rules feeds or adding individual rules manually.

  • an easy to use GUI to manage IDS Rules with searching capability.

  • Rules Categories to organize rules as needed.

  • Customize Rules deployed for each cluster of Suricata hosts (eg: different rulesets for each cluster).

  • Bulk-Edit capability.

  • Advanced Rule Editor GUI that enable you to edit the rule settings without touching the source code.

  • Advanced Rules transformation capability

  • Built-In Documentations for various rules options.

  • and much more!

In the next guides we will showcase various option and features available in IDSTower Rules Screen