Export IDS Rules & IOCs to Independent Suricata Setups

Define exactly what you want to export

IDSTower provides a Powerful Export Management Interface That allows you to easily manage exports.

Define what to be exported easily

Export IDS Rules and Indicators of Compromise.

Create as Many exports as needed

You can create different exports for different purposes, for example, you can create an export for your production Suricata setup and another for your testing setup.

Delivered as a simple url

Exports are delivered as a simple url that you can use to download the exported Rules/IOCs, this url contain the authentication token needed and can be used directly in your suricata-update/OpenSense/etc with minimum effort.

add export
Export Data in Text/STIX2.1 formats

Define the format you want to export your data in, IDSTower supports exporting data in Text, STIX2.1, Suricata DataSet, Suricata DataRep and exporting IOCs as Suricata Rules.

Choose what Transformations are active

Customize the Transformations that are active for each Rules export, as you see needed

Powerful filtration engine

Filter exported data based on different criteria using the powerful filtration engine.

exports filtration engine