Powerful IDS Configuration Management

Manage Suricata IDS Configuration Centrally

IDSTower provide Central Configuration feature that allows you to manage all basic and advanced configurations options, it keeps track of all configurations changes with the possibility of reverting back to any version with a single Click.

Change Options easily

IDSTower allows you to change all Suricata settings via the web interface.

Access Advanced Configurations

IDSTower uses Jinja2 templating engine to configure services configurations files, you can access and change those templates via the advanced tap to set any settings you wish including Suricata & Filebeat yaml files and systemd service files.

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Track Configuration Changes History

IDSTower Tracks all configuration changes history, every time you change an option and save it, an incremental version will be saved recording all changes.

Revert to old Configurations with One Click!

You can revert to an old configurations version by selecting the Configuration Version and Clicking on "Revert To This Version".

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Manage Hosts Configuration deviation

IDSTower Allows you to group Hosts within a Cluster in groups called "Config Groups",a Config Group will allows you to Override any configuration options in the Default Group for the hosts assigned to it.

Group Hosts Config in Configuration Groups

Want to change a specific settings for a set of hosts and keep the other settings to default? easy, Override any configuration option in the Default config group by creating a new config group, change the needed settings, and assigning hosts to it.

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