a Central Management Web Interface for all of your IDS operation

Easy to use Web GUI to manage Suricata

IDSTower provide an easy-to-use web GUI to do all of your IDS Operations, Start, Stop & Reconfigure hosts across the Cluster.

Control Cluster Services

Start, Stop & Restart all Cluster Services through the Cluster Management Interface.

Manage Cluster Hosts

Add or remove Cluster Hosts, start, stop, restart & reconfigure Host services.

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Monitor Cluster Health

See Cluster health in real-time via the Summary page, it includes various Cluster health indicator, including global Cluster metrics like Live Hosts, average CPU, Memory & Log Disk Usage.

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Monitor Hosts Health

Inspect Hosts Status and Live Key Performance Metrics.

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Watch Suricata Performance

Monitor Key Suricata Metrics, Including Loaded/Failed Rules, Traffic Volume & Kernel Drops.

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