a Step-By-Step Wizard for installing Suricata

Install Suricata with ease

IDSTower provide an easy-to-use step-by-step installation wizard to deploy Suricata IDS across any number of hosts at once.

Choose Packages Repository

Choose between the built-in Packages repository which allows you to deploy to offline IDS hosts, the User Custom Packages Repository that allows you to deploy you own Suricata builds or the default Suricata Repositories.

Select Appropriate Suricata version

Select the Suricata version that matches your features, performance & stability requirements.

Deploy Logshipper along

IDS needs a Logshipper, and we have got you covered, deploy Filebeat or other logshipper (lets talk!) along with Suricata and manage them from the same interface.

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Deploy to multiple Hosts at once

IDSTower can deploy to 10's of Suricata Hosts at once, this saves you time and guarantees packages & configuration consistency.

Secure Authentication

IDSTower controls hosts over SSH protocol, thus you can chose between password or private keys to authenticate IDSTower to your IDS Hosts, once deployed, IDSTower will have unique set of SSH keys for each Cluster.

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Set IDS Settings

IDSTower enables you to set essential IDS settings and will deploy those settings changes to the deployed IDS hosts.

Deploy with One Click!

Once you finish reviewing your Cluster & IDS settings, just click deploy, IDSTower will do all of the heavy-lifting for you.

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